In this blog entry I discuss the term Employability with Marina Meehan who has been working in leadership roles in Human Resources both here and the UK for the past 20 years and who is currently HR and Corporate Social Responsibility Director for Fujitsu. We discussed how current HR professionals interpret this and how students […]

Alternative Paths after Graduation

Chelsea Weaver, MEd Intern

Figuring out what you want to do with the “rest of your life” can be life’s biggest and most difficult decision for many people.  If you are nearing the end of your degree and still have no idea what your next step is, you are not alone.  To the students who have […]

Voices from… Marketing, Communications & PR

Wednesday, 18th November 2015
Written by: Jessica Trick

In this week’s “Voices from…” event, three speakers working in marketing, communications and PR shared their knowledge of job roles and the skills you might need to pursue a career in this area. Having worked in a range of jobs and sectors the speakers demonstrated the breadth of the […]

Voices from … The Creative Arts

Wednesday, 4th November 2015
Written by: Jennifer Evans

“The Creative Arts” is such a broad term that covers a vast range of jobs. Some of us studying the Arts and Humanities with find ourselves faced with the dilemma of figuring out what we want to do in “The Creative Arts”, where there is to do in such […]

Voices from ... Science

Wednesday, 21st October 2015
Written by: Jessica Trick

In this week’s “Voices from…” event, representatives from the science sector shared their knowledge and insights on the industry. The speakers were from three organisations: Pharmachemical Ire, the Irish Medical Device Association and tech start-up Energy Elephant.

All three speakers have experience across a range of jobs within the science […]

The Power of Networking - Standing Out at a Recruitment Fair

Recruitment Fairs provide you with opportunities.  They are full of interesting people, often wearing primary colours, who are trying to give you free stuff.  Pens, writing pads, chocolate!  You won’t have to buy a pen all year – truly a freebies paradise!  Oh, and they want to talk to you and hopefully hire you either […]

Career paths: Should you follow in the footsteps of your idol?

“This post, reproduced with permission, was originally written for the Naturejobs blog as part of the 2015 Boston Naturejobs Career Expo journalism competition.”


Idols are a key source of enthusiasm, says Anthea Lacchia, not people you should try to emulate.

Contributor Anthea Lacchia

When it comes to choosing a career, the options can feel infinite and yet non-existing, […]

Careers and Your Trinity Life: 5 ways you can jump in and stand out!

Guest Blog from TCD Global Room Blog:

Careers and Your Trinity Life: 5 ways you can jump in and stand out!

by Marielle Kelly, Careers Adviser

'The Holy Trinity' – First Solo Class at School

I’m beginning to perspire, and it’s not because of Madrid’s thirty degree September heat. It’s my second week at school. I’m standing in front of a class of twenty two-year-olds, about to teach them alone for the first time. They sit unnervingly still, they can smell my fear.

I’ve arrived armed with Thomas the Tank Engine […]

Changing Lanes after PhD

For many students the idea of changing direction after gaining their PhD seems unusual if not downright unthinkable. In academia building and expanding on your PhD seems natural and in general what tends to happen. Changing subject direction to venture into the work place or industry comes up periodically. However one thing a PhD will […]