In this blog entry I discuss the term Employability with Marina Meehan who has been working in leadership roles in Human Resources both here and the UK for the past 20 years and who is currently HR and Corporate Social Responsibility Director for Fujitsu. We discussed how current HR professionals interpret this and how students […]

Voices from ... Global Horizons, International Careers

Tuesday, 6th October 2015

Written by: Jennifer Evans


The “Voices from…” panel series kicked off this Tuesday with the first installation, ‘Global Horizons, International Careers’. Four speakers from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the European Commission Representation, and the European Parliament Information Office shared their advice and experiences with students interested in foreign affairs and […]

The Power of Networking - Standing Out at a Recruitment Fair

Recruitment Fairs provide you with opportunities.  They are full of interesting people, often wearing primary colours, who are trying to give you free stuff.  Pens, writing pads, chocolate!  You won’t have to buy a pen all year – truly a freebies paradise!  Oh, and they want to talk to you and hopefully hire you either […]

Careers Week 2014

Brought to you by the Careers Advisory Service with the support of the Students’ Union, the Graduate Students’ Union and sponsored by Deloitte, Careers Week 2014 is running during week two of Michaelmas term, from Monday 29th September to Friday 3rd October 2014.

The week will offer an impressive selection of sector-specific talks delivered by employers […]

What Employers Want

Employers Really Want Applicants Who Display Genuine Interest

15 years of interviewing and recruitment experience in the financial services, insurance and information technology sectors, has taught me what employers really want.  Like any individual person, employers need to feel wanted and special.  They want you to genuinely want to work for them.

So how can you demonstrate […]