When in Spain Do as the Spaniards Do

I’ll be honest: as much as I enjoy socializing with locals, it’s nice to give your mind a break from Spanglish and chat in your native tongue. However, I fail to understand why someone would come to such an enchanting place and continue to defrost pizzas, munch in globalized food chains, and vegetate over Modern […]

'The Holy Trinity' – First Solo Class at School

I’m beginning to perspire, and it’s not because of Madrid’s thirty degree September heat. It’s my second week at school. I’m standing in front of a class of twenty two-year-olds, about to teach them alone for the first time. They sit unnervingly still, they can smell my fear.

I’ve arrived armed with Thomas the Tank Engine […]

Language Skills in Demand

By Claire Doran

The areas of foreign language teaching, English language teaching, translating, and interpreting continue to attract Languages graduates but these are not the only options. A wide and growing range of opportunities for graduates with a high level of foreign language competence, is welcome news to counteract some of the doom and gloom. Susan […]