Voices from ... PhD students

Wednesday, 2nd December 2015
Written by: Jessica Trick


This week’s “Voices from…” event, provided the opportunity for students to learn more about postgraduate study, applications and considerations. The four speakers were Trinity PhD students: Emma Norton (School of Physics), Jessica Foley (Arts within the School of Engineering), James Sheridan (School of History and Humanities) and Kyle Hughes […]

Changing Lanes after PhD

For many students the idea of changing direction after gaining their PhD seems unusual if not downright unthinkable. In academia building and expanding on your PhD seems natural and in general what tends to happen. Changing subject direction to venture into the work place or industry comes up periodically. However one thing a PhD will […]

A brief taste of Eurocracy – applying for a Masters at the College of Europe, Warsaw

As with any university application, there is a good deal of paperwork involved in the admissions process at the College of Europe. Normally, as soon as the piles of paperwork are out of sight they are quickly forgotten about but looking back on my brush with bureaucracy one line remains engraved in my mind.

“The College […]

Careers Week 2014

Brought to you by the Careers Advisory Service with the support of the Students’ Union, the Graduate Students’ Union and sponsored by Deloitte, Careers Week 2014 is running during week two of Michaelmas term, from Monday 29th September to Friday 3rd October 2014.

The week will offer an impressive selection of sector-specific talks delivered by employers […]

Can a taught postgraduate course help me to get a job?

A couple of weeks ago, the Postgradireland Further Study fair was held in the RDS.  While there were certainly opportunities to get information on research programmes, the main focus of the fair was on taught postgraduate courses particularly “conversion” courses.  While many of these are at Masters’ degree or Postgraduate Diploma level there were also […]