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Internal TCD podcasts now available from outside College network

PodcastingIS Services are pleased to announce that podcasts made available on the internal podcast server at can now be accessed from any computer with internet access.  To this point this service was only available when connected to the College network.

From this point when accessing from outside the College network, registered College users will need to authenticate using their College username and network login password.

If you know the course code for your podcast series, usually in form xy1234, and you have been informed that there is content available on the internal podcaset server, then you can browse to a dedicated page with the full list of downloadable content at  If you are not sure of this code please contact the content uploader, often the relevant course lecturer.

There are three main links at  Registered content providers can upload content via the ‘Upload a Podcast’ link as before, and this service is still only availabe when connected to the College network.  The ‘List of Podcast Courses’ link provides an updated directory list of available content for each of the different podcast series codes.  Further help on using the podcasting service in College is available via the ‘Podcasting Resources’ link. 

IS Services Helpdesk

MyZone – new features available


IS Services are please to announce that the following features have been enabled for all College students using MyZone:

  • Google Latitude – a location-aware service, primarily for mobile users
  • Google Chrome Sync – for those using the Chrome web browser on multiple computers
  • Google Groups – a collaboration service including facilities such as mailing lists

Please note that the IS Services Helpdesk cannot provide support for any of these features and so if you require assistance please refer to the Google Help web pages.

IS Services Helpdesk

January to March training course schedule

The schedule of short IT courses run by IS Services for staff and postgraduate students of Trinity College is now available on the IS Services website. Places must be booked online and there is no charge for attendance. For full details please see our IT Training Resources section of the IS Services website.