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Introducing the IS Services PMO (Programme Management Office)

PoliciesIn early 2009, IS Services created a Programme Management Office (PMO) in order to optimise IS Services project management, governance and quality assurance. A project management framework was designed and a PMO was put in place. IS Services Project Managers have been reporting on all project work to the PMO on a fortnightly basis since March 2009. A full-time PMO Programme Manager was appointed in July 2010.

Please follow the relevant links below for further information briefly covering the core concepts of the role of a PMO, the specifics of the IS Services PMO, who the staff are and how the Project Management Framework is helping to improve project management and delivery within the department.

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New Disk Encryption Service

IS Services is pleased to announce the launch of a new Disk Encryption service for College-owned computers.

This service will encrypt the computer’s hard disk where the operating system, applications and data files are stored. This ensures that, if your computer is stolen or lost, sensitive or confidential College data is still secure and cannot be accessed by third parties.

IS Services can provision an audit trail confirming that the computer was 100% encrypted for the end user at the time it was stolen or lost.

Further details of this new service can be found at

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Upgrade to data link to St. James

Network cableIS Services, in collaboration with HEAnet upgraded the data link between main campus to Trinity Centre in St. James by a factor of 10 from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps last month.

All College sites in St James are connected to the Trinity Centre. The capacity improvement is particularly welcome given the number of staff and student users and the bandwidth-intensive research undertaken on this large site. The original link 100mbps, leased from a commercial provider will provide a lower capacity level of resilience for the immediate future.

MyZone – new look

MyZoneGoogle has started to roll out changes to the look of the MyZone Google Apps interface which College students use to access email, calendar and document creation and storage. Students can get all the information needed to make a smooth transition to the new look at

Note, for a limited time, students can switch back to the old interface for MyZone email, but the new look will become permanent soon.

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