Staff wireless network users switched to enhanced internet access service

Staff who connect to the staff wireless network in College have been successfully switched to using a new method of authenticating  to gain access to external internet resources.

The primary advantage from the end-user’s perspective is that it is no longer necessary to submit your username and password from within every application that requires internet access.  Instead your wireless network login details are automatically used to gain internet access from any application that requires it, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Skype or Dropbox.

Please note that on reconnecting to the ‘wired’ teaching and research network in College offices and laboratories you will once again, for the time being, be prompted for your username and password when accessing internet resources external to College.  The enhanced internet access service will be rolled out in phases to all areas of College over the coming weeks and updates will be posted to the IS Services blog, website and Twitter.

IS Services Helpdesk

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