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IS Services Service Catalogue & Service Level Descriptions

IS Services have made two service documents available which may be of interest, a service catalogue and a document containing service level descriptions for selected services.

The Service Catologue aims to provide a list of all services being provided by IS Services to College in a clear and simple document. The service catalogue is useful to College to show where IS Services supports infrastructure and business processes currently and what services are provisioned. It also indicates where little or no support exists from IS Services presently.

Selected services are included in the Service Level Description document. Service Level descriptions are a means by which IS Services, as the service provider, articulates in plain English what we deliver for the College community, our customers.

Both documents can be downloaded from the IS Services website via

IS Services

College offices and labs switched to enhanced internet access service

IS Services are introducing an enhanced method for accessing external internet resources for those using computers connected to the wired network in College offices and labs.  This enhanced service is being introduced to all areas on campus on a progressive basis during Monday, 28th May.  Off-campus areas will be switched to the new service in a second phase in the coming weeks.

The primary improvement is that you will only have to provide your username and password once, instead of having to authenticate multiple times, and then all internet services and applications requiring internet access will operate without further prompts for these details.

This service has already been successfully introduced to an initial subset of College offices and labs; to those using the staff wireless network; to students using the TCDconnect residential and wireless networks; and to the College computer rooms.

For detailed explanation of the benefits, impact, and podcast outlining the process, please visit the following IS Services web page: 

If you have any queries about this change, please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

IS Services

New MyZone features – AdSense, YouTube & Drive


IS Services is pleased to announce that the following features have been enabled for all College students using MyZone.  Note that the introduction of these features is being carried out on a phased basis over the next 24 hours, so you may not yet see them in your MyZone account:

  • AdSense – a feature that you can integrate into your own website and manage via their MyZone account
  • YouTube – you can use your MyZone account to login to YouTube

Additionally Google are making the new Drive feature available and this is currently being introduced on a phased basis to all MyZone users. Drive effectively replaces the Documents feature and allows you sync with your MyZone storage from a desktop computer or mobile device. Further details on this feature will be published in the near future.

For help and support for any of these features please refer to the Google Help web pages. The IS Services Helpdesk cannot provide assistance for these applications.

IS Services

Free MathWorks seminar – Boosting Your Productivity with MATLAB and Simulink

via Jason Skelton of MathWorks:

MathWorks would like to invite College staff and research postgraduates to a free MathWorks seminar:

Boosting Your Productivity with MATLAB and Simulink
27 Jun 2012, 09:30 – 16:30
Hamilton Building, Trinity College Dublin

Every day, thousands of engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and researchers worldwide rely on MATLAB® and Simulink® to improve their workflow and to accelerate the pace of engineering and science.

Come along to this free one-day seminar to see why they use MATLAB for algorithm development, data visualisation, data analysis, and numeric computation. Find out how they use Simulink® to create models of algorithms and physical systems on the desktop, and then use the same models to create prototypes on real-time hardware.

Experienced MathWorks engineers will demonstrate how you can use MATLAB and Simulink to:

  • Access large datasets from many sources including Excel
  • Analyse and visualise your data in MATLAB
  • Accelerate computational and data-intensive problems using MATLAB and Parallel Computing tools
  • Share results quickly and easily with your colleagues and customers
  • Model dynamic systems from first principles or using established component libraries
  • Target real-time hardware with minimal further work

Learn more about and/or register for this free seminar.

Best regards,

Jason Skelton

New Edugate federated access services – HEAnet Media Hosting, NDLR Dspace and MS DreamSpark


IS Services are pleased to announce that three additional services have now been made available through Edugate federated access, meaning College users can gain access using their TCD login credentials.  These services are as follows:

Please click on the relevant link above for further information on any of these services.

IS Services

Enhanced internet access service – College computer rooms

The enhanced internet access service has now been introduced to all College computer rooms on campus.  For those using Windows PCs in these rooms there is no longer any requirement to authenticate for internet access subsequent to logging into the computer.  For those using Apple Macs it is necessary to launch a web browser, browse to an external web site and authenticate with a ‘keep-alive’ page before getting external internet access from any application.  Further details can be seen at

IS Services Helpdesk

April Helpdesk statistics and top-ten issues

ChartIn April the IS Services Helpdesk received over 3100 queries via phone, email, walk in and web.
You can see more details at

Your Top Ten issues reported to the Helpdesk in April can be seen via the link below:

IS Services Helpdesk

IS Services – College Staff and Student Satisfaction Survey – Summary

In March 2012 IS Services, working with final year students in the Department of Statistics, undertook  two user satisfaction surveys, one with College staff and one with College students.  The  purpose of the surveys was primarily to

  • find out how staff and students rate the services and support provided by IS Services;
  • ascertain factors that contribute to staff and students satisfaction or dissatisfaction;
  • give staff and students a voice to influence IS Services priorities and potential initiatives.

The response to the surveys was overwhelming with a total of 2745 respondents.  The total number is made up of 675 staff and 2070 students, which is 14% and 12%, respectively of the overall staff and student populations.   The survey report summarises the satisfaction ratings and importance scores in respect of the services provided to College by IS Services; the level of satisfaction overall with IS Services, in terms of those either very satisfied or satisfied with the services, was 75% of College staff and 58% of College students.

For further information and summary of results please view the IS Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 – Summary (PDF).

IS Services

‘Keep-alive’ page removed for users of the TCDconnect wireless network

TCDconnectIS Services are introducing a change today in how users of the TCDconnect wireless network authenticate in order to get access to external internet resources.  The change means that it is no longer necessary to use the ‘keep-alive’ page, introduced in early April, in order to gain internet access.  Instead the wireless network login credentials, usually saved, are used.  This brings the experience more in line with that experienced at home, for example.

Please note that the same technical approach is not possible for users of the TCDconnect wired service in residences and communal areas, and so users of these services will still need to use the ‘keep-alive’ page.

IS Services

Enhanced internet access service – update

As you may already be aware, IS Services is in the process of implementing a change in how College users access internet resources external to College.  The enhanced service provides improvements in performance, such as in streaming audio and video, along with a major benefit of not having to authenticate in each application requiring internet access.  Below is a summary of the changes to date and future plans.

  • On 15th March 2012 the enhanced service was successfully rolled out to staff using the staff wireless network
  • On 21st March 2012 the enhanced service was successfully introduced to all postgraduates using the TCDconnect service
  • On 3rd April 2012 the enhanced service was successfully extended to all undergraduates using the TCDconnect service

The next steps are as follows:

  • To provide a further enhancement for those using the TCDconnect wireless service, removing the need for the ‘keep-alive’ page and so providing an experience equivalent to working from home
  • To complete the roll out of the enhanced service to all College computer rooms
  • To carry out a phased roll out to the wired network in College offices and labs with further direct communication with the staff in each College area prior to any change

Longer term the aim is to provide a zero-configuration environment for wireless and domain-authenticated users, meaning that it will no longer be necessary to configure proxy settings in any application.  Furthermore, for the majority of users, there will be no additional authentication required when accessing external internet resources beyond logging into the College network.

Further developments will be published to the IS Services website, news blog and to Twitter.

IS Services