Enhanced internet access service – update

As you may already be aware, IS Services is in the process of implementing a change in how College users access internet resources external to College.  The enhanced service provides improvements in performance, such as in streaming audio and video, along with a major benefit of not having to authenticate in each application requiring internet access.  Below is a summary of the changes to date and future plans.

  • On 15th March 2012 the enhanced service was successfully rolled out to staff using the staff wireless network
  • On 21st March 2012 the enhanced service was successfully introduced to all postgraduates using the TCDconnect service
  • On 3rd April 2012 the enhanced service was successfully extended to all undergraduates using the TCDconnect service

The next steps are as follows:

  • To provide a further enhancement for those using the TCDconnect wireless service, removing the need for the ‘keep-alive’ page and so providing an experience equivalent to working from home
  • To complete the roll out of the enhanced service to all College computer rooms
  • To carry out a phased roll out to the wired network in College offices and labs with further direct communication with the staff in each College area prior to any change

Longer term the aim is to provide a zero-configuration environment for wireless and domain-authenticated users, meaning that it will no longer be necessary to configure proxy settings in any application.  Furthermore, for the majority of users, there will be no additional authentication required when accessing external internet resources beyond logging into the College network.

Further developments will be published to the IS Services website, news blog and to Twitter.

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