IS Services – College Staff and Student Satisfaction Survey – Summary

In March 2012 IS Services, working with final year students in the Department of Statistics, undertook  two user satisfaction surveys, one with College staff and one with College students.  The  purpose of the surveys was primarily to

  • find out how staff and students rate the services and support provided by IS Services;
  • ascertain factors that contribute to staff and students satisfaction or dissatisfaction;
  • give staff and students a voice to influence IS Services priorities and potential initiatives.

The response to the surveys was overwhelming with a total of 2745 respondents.  The total number is made up of 675 staff and 2070 students, which is 14% and 12%, respectively of the overall staff and student populations.   The survey report summarises the satisfaction ratings and importance scores in respect of the services provided to College by IS Services; the level of satisfaction overall with IS Services, in terms of those either very satisfied or satisfied with the services, was 75% of College staff and 58% of College students.

For further information and summary of results please view the IS Services Satisfaction Survey 2012 – Summary (PDF).

IS Services

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