New MyZone features – AdSense, YouTube & Drive


IS Services is pleased to announce that the following features have been enabled for all College students using MyZone.  Note that the introduction of these features is being carried out on a phased basis over the next 24 hours, so you may not yet see them in your MyZone account:

  • AdSense – a feature that you can integrate into your own website and manage via their MyZone account
  • YouTube – you can use your MyZone account to login to YouTube

Additionally Google are making the new Drive feature available and this is currently being introduced on a phased basis to all MyZone users. Drive effectively replaces the Documents feature and allows you sync with your MyZone storage from a desktop computer or mobile device. Further details on this feature will be published in the near future.

For help and support for any of these features please refer to the Google Help web pages. The IS Services Helpdesk cannot provide assistance for these applications.

IS Services

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