Staff mobile device connectivity – new pilot service

As outlined in an earlier blog post, IS Services recognises the emergence of mobile devices as important productivity tools for College users.  To that end IS Services are happy to announce a pilot service for staff using certain mobile devices to be able to connect to the College wireless network.

This self-supported service allows staff with certain devices to install an app, submit a connection request and then install a mobile profile on their device which configures that device to connect to the College wireless network.

Further details on this staff service can be found on the IS Services website at

As previously mentioned on this blog, plans are underway to provide for the connectivity of a broad range of mobile devices and to enhance wireless network coverage.  The existing TCDconnect service will be extended to provide for connection of a selected range of mobile devices over the summer months for postgraduate students who currently already have computer devices connected to the TCDconnect system, and a project has commenced to provide service to undergraduate students in the coming academic year.

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