Final Year account expiry for Undergraduates

Final year computer accounts will be deactivated on Monday, 2nd July 2012. This means that these students will not be able to logon to the College computer systems and all files will be removed from their personal filestorage.

Who is affected by this expiry?
The expiry affects all final year undergrads except those who do not pass their final exams and are eligible to repeat. Also, accounts of students in courses that permit repeats will not be expired prior to the results of their final exams.

Why is the expiry being implemented?
Computer accounts are closed after a course of study has finished and students have sat their final exams.

When will the expiry come into effect?
Accounts will close at 23:59 on Monday 2nd July 2012.

What should users do to save any files they have in their personal filestorage?
Those affected should make copies of any files they may have in their personal filestorage, should they wish to keep them.

How do I backup my personal filestorage?
For backing up filestorage see Backing up of files must be done prior to the account expiry date.

What about my MyZone email and docs?
Your Google MyZone account is for life so it is not affected by the expiry of your TCD computer accounts. From July 2nd up until the expiry date on your student card you can contact the IS Services Helpdesk if you have problems logging in to MyZone. After that date you should contact the TCD Foundation Office if you have problems accessing your MyZone account. For assistance in using MyZone, first login and then visit the extensive Help pages by clicking on the links on the bottom of the page.

Can I request that my personal filestorage files be retrieved after my account expires?
Information System Services will not be in a position to retrieve any files subsequent to the expiry date of the accounts.

My personal computer connects to the College network, how do I remove the settings?
To remove the configuration settings that allow your personal computer to access the College network please see .

Do I need to uninstall any software?
Any software that was installed under a College licence should be uninstalled from your personal computer when leaving College. This may include applications such as SPSS, McAfee VirusScan and Mathematica, unless you paid for the licence yourself. If you purchased software such as MS Office under an academic discount then you may continue to use that software.

Request for Account extensions

Can I have my account extended if I get a letter from my lecturer or have a letter offering me a place on a TCD postgrad course?
No, such letters will not be accepted as authorisation to extend accounts.

I might be doing some research work for my lecturer or department during the summer, so can I have my account reactivated for that period?
No, undergraduate accounts will not be reactivated for this reason. The department you will be working for will be required to register you with the staff office as a member of staff in College for this period.

IS Services Helpdesk
Phone: +353-1-8962000

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