Scheduling a meeting – staff email & calendar service

Did you know that staff using the College’s MS Exchange email service may use the scheduling assistant to schedule a meeting of several College staff? Amongst other benefts, this facility allows you to:

  • Check other staff members’ availability and meeting room availability
  • Select from a list of suggested meeting times based on attendees’ availability, or suggest a specified period
  • Circulate a meeting request to all proposed attendees via email, to which they can respond to indicate acceptance, inability to attend or tentative acceptance
  • Automatically update of all of the attendees’ calendars with the meeting details and any changes to the arrangements
  • Dynamically carry out these tasks via certain mobile devices and smartphones whilst on the move (e.g. iPhone)
  • Delegate these tasks to another staff member of your choice

Further information and technical steps on how to carry out the actions above can be found on our website at

IS Services

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