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Want to use Microsoft Office in a ‘smarter’ way?

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Microsoft StudySmart is an on-campus campaign to highlight the many benefits of using Microsoft tools in a ‘smarter’ way to achieve better academic results and to enhance students’ college experience outside of the lecture hall.

This year, book into a StudySmart Session – a series of four short tutorials which will walk you through using Microsoft Office in a more efficient way.

For more info, or to register your interest in the StudySmart Sessions, visit  Make sure to choose Trinity College Dublin from the drop-down menu on the booking page.

Need help connecting to TCDwifi?

The Engineering Society will be hosting  TCDwifi support sessions in the Arts Block and Hamilton every day this week from 11am until 2pm.  This is to help people get connected to the TCD wireless service.

Students should also be aware of the TCDconnect network clinics that run all year around.  Scheduling and booking information are available on the IS Services website.

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Changes to student mailing lists

With the introduction of the new academic curriculum coding structure for 2012/2013, there is a change to the mailing lists used to contact different groups of College students.  The new system is explained in detail on our student mailing lists web page.

The old student mailing lists are now permanently frozen, only reflecting 2011/2012 data, and so should no longer be used.  Only the lists available via the web page above are being updated regularly.  The mailing lists for contacting all undergraduates or all postgraduates have already been ‘unfrozen’ to reflect the new student data for 2012/2013.

If you wish to email a specific group of students which is not covered by one of the options provided on the website, then please contact the IS Services Helpdesk and define your requirement in as much detail as possible.  IS Services will establish, with the help of SUSU, if a dataset can be provided from the student administration system to meet your requirement.

IS Services

New printing, scanning, and photocopying service now live


The College Library and IS Services are pleased to announce the availability of the new printing, scanning and photocopying service, managed by IS Services and the Library, and provided by Datapac.  This enhanced service replaces the facilities previously provided by Ricoh in the College computer rooms and Kopikat in the Libraries.

Information on how to use the new service can be found on the IS Services website at

Returning students are asked to note that the PIN used for this service has been reset to the original.  Related information can be found on the website above.

Note that at present the MFDs and kiosks are not reading student ID cards, and so you are asked to type in your student ID number when interacting with these units.

As previously notified, returning students’ print account balances have been automatically transferred.  For one month there will be a Datapac technician in Iveagh Hall, Berkeley Library for a fixed time each day to assist students and staff in transferring Kopikat photocopying card balances across to the new system.  Please note that a single balance is now used for both printing and photocopying and there have been no price increases for printing and photocopying on the new system.

Kind regards,

College Library and IS Services

August Helpdesk statistics and top-ten issues

The IS Services Helpdesk statistics for August 2012, and for the academic year 2012-13 can be see at

Your Top Ten issues reported to the Helpdesk in August can be seen via the link below:

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