Changes to student mailing lists

With the introduction of the new academic curriculum coding structure for 2012/2013, there is a change to the mailing lists used to contact different groups of College students.  The new system is explained in detail on our student mailing lists web page.

The old student mailing lists are now permanently frozen, only reflecting 2011/2012 data, and so should no longer be used.  Only the lists available via the web page above are being updated regularly.  The mailing lists for contacting all undergraduates or all postgraduates have already been ‘unfrozen’ to reflect the new student data for 2012/2013.

If you wish to email a specific group of students which is not covered by one of the options provided on the website, then please contact the IS Services Helpdesk and define your requirement in as much detail as possible.  IS Services will establish, with the help of SUSU, if a dataset can be provided from the student administration system to meet your requirement.

IS Services

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