IS Services and GeneSIS

The GeneSIS project is a College-wide project which has delivered the new student information system (SITS) accessed via the portal. This new system is aimed at improving the student experience, improving academic administration and will bring many benefits to students and staff.

In support of the GeneSIS project, IS Services has contributed greatly to its development and maintenance. This support includes providing the infrastructure components on which the new student information system runs, as well as contributing to the migration of data from the legacy student system. Additionally, much work has been carried out to integrate the new student system with existing College systems, and at the time of writing, this interfacing work is almost complete.

Furthermore, procedures are being put in place to support the components of the student information system that will remain the responsibility of IS Services – such support will be coordinated by a team within Management Information Systems (MIS) and will involve all divisions of IS Services and support provided by the vendor.

IS Services

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