Printing from Staff Wi-Fi

With the increasing popularity of laptops and hand-held devices in College, the demand to print from a staff Wi-Fi connection has grown considerably.  In an effort to facilitate this demand, IS Services has responded by enabling the capability to print from staff Wi-Fi to networked printers in College offices and labs. This service is aimed at reducing the hassle of wired printing and contributing to IT mobility at Trinity College.

To get started, staff must ask their head of function to submit a network request for the relevant printer, as if requesting connection of this printer for the first time.  This request allows us to update the network records for this printer, assign a new ‘printer name’ and make it available from the staff wireless network.   Once connected, compatible devices can send print jobs to the printer from the staff wireless network, as well as being able to print from computers in College offices and labs.

Please note that all computers which had been configured to connect to the printer previously will also need to follow the instructions to connect to the new ‘printer name’, as outlined on our network printing web pages.  If you are you experiencing any issue connecting your printer to the network, please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

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