What we did to support students & staff at the start of the Academic Year 2012-2013

Each year, IS Services works hard to deliver a welcoming IT experience to new students, while also remaining dedicated to supporting and assisting existing students and staff during the busy period at the beginning of the academic year.  With this in mind, we’d like to share what we have achieved this year so far and how we measured up to last year.  Here are just a few items for your consideration:

  • 20 extra hours each week, 2 new staff at the Helpdesk
    To resolve as many queries as efficiently as possible, we brought on-board an additional two new staff members at the Helpdesk for the start of the Academic Year.  This allowed for 20 extra hours of support for students & staff each week
  • Seven hours each weekday –
    We opened the ISS Information Desk in the foyer of Áras An Phiarsaigh to provide a ‘quick question’ facility.  The ISS Information Desk was open for seven hours each weekday for the first six weeks of the semester
  • 127 network clinics in September & October
    We held 127 network clinics, in the daytime and the evening during September and October,  on Campus and at the Residence Halls in Dartry
  • 10,317 calls, 13% up 
    The Helpdesk handled 10,317 calls from students and staff, an increase of 13% from last year
  • 38% walk-in, 33% email, 29% phone 
    So far this academic year, we have seen a shift in the way students are interacting with the Helpdesk.  38% of the interactions are walk-in, down from 43% last year; 33% are via email, up from 22% last year; and, 29% are over the phone, down from 35% last year
  • 20% of the overall annual call volume in the first six weeks 
    During the six week period of New Student Registration & Induction 2012, the Helpdesk handled 20% of the overall annual call volume
  • 46 Induction Events & 3,442 new students
    Our User Communications Group ran 46 Induction Events and met 3,442 new students during the third week of September
  • 10,750 user guides & 36,790 hits
    We published and distributed approximately 10,750 user guides, and received 36,790 hits on the IS Services website
  • 7,000 connected, 16% up
    By the end of October 2012, 7,000 of students connected to TCDconnect, a 16% increase from the same time period in 2011
  • 11% of students needed more help, 5% down 
    11% of the students
    connected to TCDconnect needed assistance from a network clinic, a 5% decrease from the same time period in 2011
  • Simplified the TCDconnect connection process and increasing the number of approved anti-virus software applications
  • Replaced 172 workstations in our Public Access Computer Rooms and rebuily all the Public Access workstations to improve performance.
  • Upgraded the AV equipment across 18 Lecture Theatres and Seminar Rooms, deployed new  microphones across College rooms and updated the College Digital Signage.   All the AV and PC equipment in lecture theatres and seminar rooms was audited to ensure it would work from day one of the new Semester.

We hope that the work we did made a difference to ensuring the Academic Session 2012-2013 started successfully and we are committed to delivering service improvements going forward to maintain that success.

IS Services

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