Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to College Wi-Fi – pilot service

IS Services recognises the transformative role that mobile technology can play in enabling and enhancing teaching & learning, research & innovation, support & administration and the student experience in College.  As part of our continuous service improvement ethos, and in response to demand for wireless network connectivity for mobile devices, over the last six months IS Services has been expanding and enhancing Wi-Fi services in College. The improvements are targeted at providing for greater levels of wireless coverage and connectivity for higher numbers of devices to the College Wi-Fi Network. This work is on-going but we are now in position, on a pilot basis, to provide for increased connectivity for mobile devices for staff and students.

For students

Students can now connect their iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) to the College Wi-Fi network. Changes have been made to this network to ensure that many popular web based services will operate on these devices. For complete instructions visit our getting connected webpages:

Connectivity for other smartphone devices, such as Android, will be provided later in the academic year as Wi-Fi and TCDconnect services are further expanded.

For staff

Staff can now connect their Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) mobile devices to the College Wi-Fi network. For complete instructions on getting your device connected, please visit our webpages:

Staff and students should be aware that with the increase in number of mobile devices on the College Wi-Fi network this will increase the number of areas that are ‘oversubscribed zones’ at times. These zones occur where many devices contend for the same limited, shared wireless resource and are likely to be found in large communal areas for example the libraries or in lecture theatres. IS Services are monitoring the wireless infrastructure for these zones and, where possible, will take action to improve coverage.

While not anticipated, IS Services reserves the right to suspend or discontinue these pilot services in the event that they adversely impact on the College Wi-Fi Network for laptop devices. In these circumstances, updates will be posted to our website at and on Twitter at

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