IT Security Week Review

IS Services and the College IT Security Officer hosted IT Security week at the end of January.  It was an initiative designed to raise IT Security awareness and provide clear up-to-date information for students and staff.

Each day that week a news item was posted to the ISS website which covered practical tips for protecting and securing mobile devices, computers and files.  Topics covered were:

We set up booths in both the Arts Block and the Hamilton to talk with students and staff and provide an opportunity to meet the College IT Security Officer, Sara McAneney, and student representatives from the student computing societies DUCSS and NETSOC.  We asked them what they thought of IT Security week and here’s what they had to say:

What did you think overall of the week?

(Sara McAneney, IT Security Officer)   The purpose of the week was to generally raise profile of IT Security as an issue that staff and students need to be aware of in their day-to-day computing activity. Judging from the feedback that I received from staff members who have been in touch and students who I met during the week I am confident that we have achieved this. Staff were interested in creating and storing secure passwords and students were interested in encryption and security for their phones and tablet devices.

(Ben Doyle, DUCSS)   We reached a lot of people who were interested in learning about securing their devices and information, but didn’t necessarily know how to go about doing that.  We were busy on the stands and there was a good turnout for the talk, I was very impressed by the number of students who weren’t just interested in the free chocolate or entering the prize draw and had specific questions about how they could go about being safer online, or protecting their laptops/phones/tablets. It was great to see that a lot of the student body actually care about their personal data.

Benefits of an event like this?

(SMcA)  The main aim and benefit is to promote awareness of IT Security as an issue that affects everyone especially in the current era of BYOD and cloud computing. Hopefully staff and students will be more likely to know that resources exist on the IS Services website and through the Helpdesk to assist them with any queries over the rest of the academic year.

Other thoughts?

(SMcA)  It was a great experience to get out and meet College users and hear their thoughts on IS Services and the type of IT issues that concern them.

(BD)  Overall I think the week was a big success and IS Services did a great job; I think we should go on building from this success as well as repeating what we did this year. The involvement with the Computer Science and Networking societies was a great idea, and I know both are keen to get even more involved in this next year.

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