Major service outages in January

As you might already be aware, College experienced a loss of data network connectivity and access to core data network services on Monday, 7th January, and a staff email outage on Wednesday, 16th Janaury. During incidents such as these, it is the priority of IS Services to restore normal service as quickly as possible or find a suitable workaround for those who rely on services.
IS Services restored data network services to major College areas within an hour of the first report of disruption.  Services were fully restored to all areas of College by 7am on the following morning, Tuesday, 8th Janaury. The root cause was identified as a failure within the network core routing and switching hardware.  ISS replaced the relevant hardware component on Thursday, 14th February.
On the morning of 16th Janaury, there was an unanticipated outage during a routine software update of the Staff email server. Services were fully restored within four hours of the first report of disruption and final remedial work was completed on Sunday, 10th February.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of these outages. During incidents such as these, our focus is on identifying root causes and restoring services with as little disruption as possible. We have established a ‘major incident’ management process within IS Services whereby the restoration of service is efficiently managed and the findings of a review of events feed intour continous improvement regime.

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