Mobility and Wi-Fi Update

As part of our continuous service improvement, IS Services has been expanding and enchancing Wi-Fi services in College. Here is the latest:

  • deployed Wi-Fi in Early Printed Books and Manuscripts Reading Room;
  • new pop-up TCDconnect support clinics in the Arts Building offering first-come, first-served assistance;
  • high density Wi-Fi in the Burke lecture theatre, Buttery Food Court & Cafe;
  • a reduction of the age-out policy to 40-days on the TCDconnect service;
  • adopted support for Windows 8 devices on TCDconnect.

Since the launch of the mobile device pilot, 4,749 mobile devices have bene connected, which includes 3,863 iOS devices by students, 47 Android devices by postgraduates, and 839 iOS and Android devices by staff.
Work is currently being carried out to expand the capacity of the TCDconnect system to allow support for Android devices.

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