Service Improvement Activity

During the year, IS Services has been working on continuous improvement across the services we offer to College.  The objectives of this initiative are to achieve higher levels of user satisfaction while also reducing levels of support activity.

We select the services for improvement using the following information sources: monthly Helpdesk statistics (what staff and students have been contacting us about at the Helpdesk), feedback from the IS Services User Group, and analysis of the data in the ISS 2012 satisfaction surveys.

Here are just a few items of continuous improvements completed to date:

  • modification to the wireless infrastructure to increase network traffic throughout;
  • roll-out of additional wireless access points to areas with no coverage or over-subscribed zones;
  • reduced connection complexity to TCDconnect Wi-Fi;
  • new single password management page and removal of 6 month password expiry for students;
  • modification to network security rules to provide greater access to external resources;
  • roll-out of wireless mobile device connectivity pilot.

The ISS Satisfaction Survey for 2013 will be advertised in the coming weeks and so we would strongly recommend you take part. Your views and comments will be heard and will be used directly in establishing the continuous improvement developments for the year ahead.


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