Windows 8 Pro support in College offices and labs

IS Services have completed initial testing of Windows 8 Pro and can confirm its compatibility with the College Network and a range of core  IT systems for those connected to the College network in offices and labs, or to the staff wireless network.   However it should be noted that there are a number of  services which are not currently available on Windows 8 including:

  • College VPN service
  • CheckPoint data encryption service
  • External access to SharePoint

Therefore Windows 7 Professional, which can support the  above list of services, remains the recommended Windows operating system for  College staff and will continue to be provided on all new Dell PCs and  Laptops.  We are waiting for the release of Windows 8 compatible versions  of VPN and Disk Encryption systems from the manufacturers.

IS Service can provide College staff with the installation  media for Windows 8 Pro on request. Installation must be carried out by the  user, with support available from IS Services limited to College network  connectivity and other configuration steps outlined on the IS Services website.

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