Software Information: Irish-language grammar & proofing

Irish-language grammar and proofing software now available from Cruinneog:

Grammatical/Proofing Software

•  Ceart is a powerful software package designed to help correct grammar and spelling in the Irish language

•  A sophisticated tool for teachers, schools, universities, businesses, translators, learners and everyone who writes as Gaeilge

•  Ceart’s grammar engine catches common problems associated with séimhiú’s and urú’s at the beginning of words and many other more complicated rules

•  GaelSpell is a very popular and powerful spelling checker that works inside Microsoft Word

•  GaelSpell helps find and correct Irish language spelling mistakes as you type

•  Teachers, schools, students, businesses, universities, lecturers, learners and everyone who writes in Irish will find GaelSpell useful.
Both are available for purchase and download at  (discounts available for universities).  Please contact Cruinneog, if you require assistance in purchasing, installing or using this software.

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