News regarding latest improvements to the TCDconnect service

Removal of authentication logon for students in residences

We’re happy to announce that this Thursday, 25th April, we will remove the authentication log-on and 40-second countdown wait for students connecting to wired network points in residences.  This means students in residences will only have to use the keep-alive page for internet access. 

All students should remember that they will be held accountable for all network/internet activity from the network access point in their residence and students are reminded that all activity must be in line with College acceptable use guidelines as outlined in the IT and Network Code of Conduct.

Cessation of the wired Library Communal Areas service

Another change to the TCDconnect service is that access via designated wired connections in Library communal areas is being discontinued as a service.  This development is a result of Wi-Fi access being available throughout the Libraries and a corresponding decline in the requirement for the wired connections.  Further improvements to Wi-Fi access in the Libraries is planned for the coming year.


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