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Wi-Fi now available in Science Faculty Offices

IS Services are pleased to announce that Wi-Fi services are now available in the Science Faculty Offices in Westland Row, Houses 27-29 on the 1st floor.  This development is part of IS Services’ continual service improvement work to enhance Wi-Fi services in College.

Computer Room (HUT 1) closing Wednesday, 29th May, 2013

We are writing to inform staff and students that College is closing the Computer Room, known as HUT 1, located at the East end of College by the Rugby Ground and the Botany Hut today.  Computer room HUT2 will be closed in early June, and we will post an update once we can confirm the exact date.

Notice of Computer Room closure

We are writing to inform staff and students that College is closing the two computer labs located in the Laser Huts at the East end of College by the Rugby Ground and the Botany Hut.

TCDconnect Survey & Service Improvements

In April 2012, IS Services launched an online survey regarding the TCDconnect service.   The survey was primarily to help us:

  • How students rate the service
  • Give students a voice to influence IS Services priorities and potential for service improvement.

Participation in the survey was good with a total of 562 student responses across undergraduates and postgraduates.

Analysis of data collected was implemented in Summer 2012, and service improvements took place over the last year.

Here are the five most important service improvements from the last year, as guided by student feedback:

1)      Students wanted to connect mobile devices to the network.

Action taken by IS Services:  Probably the biggest and most important development, we facilitated the connection of iOS devices in December 2012, and have plans and on-going developments which will permit connection for Android devices by Summer 2013.

2)      Students found the registration process steps challenging to complete and wanted a more comprehensive FAQ.

Action taken by IS Services:  A few items to consider here:

We expanded the supported anti-virus software applications from three to six, so as to provide support for a greater number of popular anti-virus applications; We simplified the ‘walk-through’ steps in the registration process; And, we developed a dedicated ‘getting help’ webpage during the registration process which provides immediate support.

3)      Students wanted a simple authentication process in the residences.

Action taken by IS Services:  We removed the 40-second countdown requirement and authentication for students in residences.

4)      Students found the service slow and intermittent in Hamilton Library.

Action taken by IS Services:  We installed high-density Wi-Fi access points in Hamilton Library to accommodate a larger volume of students, improve speed and build reliability of service.

5)      Students wanted Network Clinics during peak times, in more locations and off-site.

Action taken by IS Services:  We have added Network Clinics during peak times at the start of term in College and in Darty Residences.  IS Services ran clincis in Dartry in the evening time to suit student needs in off-campus residences at peak demand time at start of term.  As well, we ran evening clinics on the main campus to meet peak demand.  In adddition, we ran a 6-week trial of TCDconnect clinics in the Arts Building during the Hilary Term.

A complete summary of TCDconnect Survey 2012 results will be posted to the IS Services website.

All participants could enter the survey prize draw. The prize draw winner, pictured on the right, with James Harty of IS Services, is Oisin Fagan, a student in the department of English.

VPN service – new software application

IS Services are pleased to announce that staff requiring use of the VPN service, which allows remote connection to the College network, will now be able to make use of a new application, Cisco AnyConnect.  This replaces the previous Cisco VPN Client application, and is available on a wider range of operating systems including Mac 10.7 and 10.8, as well as Windows 8. 

This new VPN service features an enhanced compatibility with broadband connections.  For more information on the VPN service please see our website.


Friday, 21st June is the deadline for requesting computer software

Dear Colleague,

It’s that time of year again to request the software that you will need installed in College computer rooms, Lecture Theatres and Seminars Rooms for the coming Academic year. 

Requests for software can be made by using the Request Form.  Before submitting your request, IS Services asks that you read our guidance notes for requesting software.  Once submitted, your request will be acknowledged by an email to your College account. 

A few items for your consideration:

  • It is not necessary to request standard software;
  • All previously requested software should be reviewed as it may not still be installed on computers;
  • Computer rooms located within the Laser Huts will be closing before the next Academic year.

The deadline for submitting your software request is Friday, 21st June, 2013.  If your request is not received by this deadline, we cannot guarantee the requested software will be made available.   

Sign-up for the password reset service

IS Services are announcing the development of a new service which will enable students to reset their College password easily and remotely from the start of the 2013/14 Academic Year.  With this service, you will have the facility to reset your password from anywhere through a web browser and have details sent to your mobile phone and, optionally, an alternative email address.

This new service is optional, but signing up for this service now will save you any undue delay to completing your College registration online for the next Academic Year in the event of you forgetting your password, as it would save you a trip to the IS Services Helpdesk.

If you’re interested in using this new service, the only thing you’ll need to do right now is sign-up with your mobile phone number and an alternative email address via this link:

Details of how to use the new service, should you ever forget your password, will be provided once it is fully operational.  You may also be interested in our data protection statement at for information on how your details will be stored by IS Services.

Important information for all ERDAS IMAGINE users

The suppliers of ERDAS IMAGINE software have informed us that all College users of this application will need to install and use the new version, ERDAS IMAGINE 2013, from the start of the next licencing period on 1st August 2013 as they will no longer be issuing licences for earlier versions.

The licencing system for the new version is incompatible with earlier versions, thus the licences for the older versions will expire after 31st July 2013.  This change will require all users to install the new version.  The suppliers have informed IS Services that the new version looks and feels the same as the older version and there are no data compatibility issues.

The suppliers have not yet released the new version to us and so their advice is to continue using the older versions until then.  Closer to the expiry of the current license, IS Services will post details on our website on how to install ERDAS IMAGINE 2013.

Several other common questions are answered on the supplier’s website in their FAQ and if you have any other queries please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

Latest update regarding mobile connectivity

In early December 2012, IS Services announced the expansion of the College Wi-Fi pilot service to include connectivity for iOS mobile devices.  The response from College was positive with over 5,000 students connecting their iOS devices to the College network.   At present, there are approximately 9,500 students, with over 13,000 devices, now registered to use the TCDconnect service.

As part of our original announcement, we discussed plans to provide support for Android as well.  We are writing to update you with the latest plans with regard to mobile connectivity in College.

In order to provide support for Android devices, the TCDconnect service is being re-architected and upgraded on a new infrastructure.  This upgrade comes not only as part of our on-going service improvement activity, but will cater for an anticipated usage of 12,000 students and 24,000 devices in total next Academic year.  Unfortunately, completion of this work will require service downtime.

We have tentatively scheduled the upgrade to take place in Summer 2013, after the exam period.  Our decision to postpone work until that time was guided by the output of interested parties, including the IS Services User Group, as well as an effort to ensure no service disruptions until after the exam period.

IS Services recognises the vital role that mobile technology plays in College activity and will continue to work hard toward providing reliable, safe and seamless connectivity.  Future improvements will also be targeted at providing for greater levels of wireless coverage and connectivity throughout College.

April Helpdesk statistics and top-ten issues

In April, the IS Services Helpdesk received approximately 2,700 queries via phone, email, walk in and web. You can see more details at

Your Top Ten issues reported to the Helpdesk in April can be seen via the link below:

IS Services