Latest update regarding mobile connectivity

In early December 2012, IS Services announced the expansion of the College Wi-Fi pilot service to include connectivity for iOS mobile devices.  The response from College was positive with over 5,000 students connecting their iOS devices to the College network.   At present, there are approximately 9,500 students, with over 13,000 devices, now registered to use the TCDconnect service.

As part of our original announcement, we discussed plans to provide support for Android as well.  We are writing to update you with the latest plans with regard to mobile connectivity in College.

In order to provide support for Android devices, the TCDconnect service is being re-architected and upgraded on a new infrastructure.  This upgrade comes not only as part of our on-going service improvement activity, but will cater for an anticipated usage of 12,000 students and 24,000 devices in total next Academic year.  Unfortunately, completion of this work will require service downtime.

We have tentatively scheduled the upgrade to take place in Summer 2013, after the exam period.  Our decision to postpone work until that time was guided by the output of interested parties, including the IS Services User Group, as well as an effort to ensure no service disruptions until after the exam period.

IS Services recognises the vital role that mobile technology plays in College activity and will continue to work hard toward providing reliable, safe and seamless connectivity.  Future improvements will also be targeted at providing for greater levels of wireless coverage and connectivity throughout College.

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