Important information for all ERDAS IMAGINE users

The suppliers of ERDAS IMAGINE software have informed us that all College users of this application will need to install and use the new version, ERDAS IMAGINE 2013, from the start of the next licencing period on 1st August 2013 as they will no longer be issuing licences for earlier versions.

The licencing system for the new version is incompatible with earlier versions, thus the licences for the older versions will expire after 31st July 2013.  This change will require all users to install the new version.  The suppliers have informed IS Services that the new version looks and feels the same as the older version and there are no data compatibility issues.

The suppliers have not yet released the new version to us and so their advice is to continue using the older versions until then.  Closer to the expiry of the current license, IS Services will post details on our website on how to install ERDAS IMAGINE 2013.

Several other common questions are answered on the supplier’s website in their FAQ and if you have any other queries please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

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