TCDconnect Survey & Service Improvements

In April 2012, IS Services launched an online survey regarding the TCDconnect service.   The survey was primarily to help us:

  • How students rate the service
  • Give students a voice to influence IS Services priorities and potential for service improvement.

Participation in the survey was good with a total of 562 student responses across undergraduates and postgraduates.

Analysis of data collected was implemented in Summer 2012, and service improvements took place over the last year.

Here are the five most important service improvements from the last year, as guided by student feedback:

1)      Students wanted to connect mobile devices to the network.

Action taken by IS Services:  Probably the biggest and most important development, we facilitated the connection of iOS devices in December 2012, and have plans and on-going developments which will permit connection for Android devices by Summer 2013.

2)      Students found the registration process steps challenging to complete and wanted a more comprehensive FAQ.

Action taken by IS Services:  A few items to consider here:

We expanded the supported anti-virus software applications from three to six, so as to provide support for a greater number of popular anti-virus applications; We simplified the ‘walk-through’ steps in the registration process; And, we developed a dedicated ‘getting help’ webpage during the registration process which provides immediate support.

3)      Students wanted a simple authentication process in the residences.

Action taken by IS Services:  We removed the 40-second countdown requirement and authentication for students in residences.

4)      Students found the service slow and intermittent in Hamilton Library.

Action taken by IS Services:  We installed high-density Wi-Fi access points in Hamilton Library to accommodate a larger volume of students, improve speed and build reliability of service.

5)      Students wanted Network Clinics during peak times, in more locations and off-site.

Action taken by IS Services:  We have added Network Clinics during peak times at the start of term in College and in Darty Residences.  IS Services ran clincis in Dartry in the evening time to suit student needs in off-campus residences at peak demand time at start of term.  As well, we ran evening clinics on the main campus to meet peak demand.  In adddition, we ran a 6-week trial of TCDconnect clinics in the Arts Building during the Hilary Term.

A complete summary of TCDconnect Survey 2012 results will be posted to the IS Services website.

All participants could enter the survey prize draw. The prize draw winner, pictured on the right, with James Harty of IS Services, is Oisin Fagan, a student in the department of English.

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