Planned vs. Unplanned Service Interruptions

Where IT upgrades or changes involve any service downtime or ‘at risk’ times, IS Services has a process in place to plan and organize these activities.  The Change Management process ensures we consult with interested parties from across all areas of College, via an ‘IT power users’ group and a fortnightly Change Management meeting within IS Services reviews and agrees on proposed changes.  

This process helps us to schedule upgrade works, avoiding planned disruption to services during sensitive times, e.g. exam time, receive input in advance from College representatives and plan communications for any service-affecting changes.

As is normal in the industry, we also have to anticipate that unplanned disruptions to IT services will happen.  During incidents such as these, it is the priority of IS Services to restore normal service as quickly as possible or find a suitable workaround for those who rely on those IT services.

Communications are a vital part of this process.  Students and staff can find more information regarding on-going planned upgrade works or service improvements on our website or in the IS Services blog; while unplanned outages and disruptions will always be reported on the IS Services website in the alerts section and through our Twitter.    


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