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Wi-Fi enhancements in the BioSciences building

As part of a programme of service improvement works, IS Services have carried out an upgrade of the Wi-Fi service in the BioSciences.  This upgrade provides greater connection speeds for most Wi-Fi users in this building.

Technically speaking, those using newer devices which support the 802.11n standard for wireless networking will be able to make use of the enhancement.  Those with older devices that do not support this standard will continue to be able to use Wi-Fi services in the building with no degradation in service.

Those already connected to College Wi-Fi and who are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 will have to make a small adjustment in their Wi-Fi settings before making use of the improvements – see our instructions on how to update your Windows Wi-Fi settings.  Those using iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Mac OS X will not have to carry out any changes to settings in order to take advantage of the higher speed.

The 802.11n standard will be introduced to all Wi-Fi enabled areas in College over the coming two years as part of a Mobility initiative, which includes a major enhancement of Wi-Fi services.

If you experience any issues or need further advice please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

Guest Wireless and eduroam information for iOS and Android users

We are happy to announce that instructions have been published to the IS Services website for Android and iOS users of the Guest Wireless (TCDguest) and eduroam Wi-Fi services.  This information will be of particular interest to those visiting TCD from other educational institutions.  For further details please follow the relevant links below:


Wi-Fi coverage improvement on third Floor of Arts Building

As part of on-going service improvement works, IS Services have carried out work to enhance the Wi-Fi coverage around the offices of the Department of Social Work & Social Policy on the third floor of the Arts Building.

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June Helpdesk statistics and top-ten issues

In June, the IS Services Helpdesk received 2,415 queries via phone, email, walk in and web. You can see more details at

Your Top Ten issues reported to the Helpdesk in June can be seen via the link below:

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TCDconnect IT security scan, July 2013

When students first register their computer for the TCDconnect service they have to download and run an IT security scan file, called the Bradford Dissolvable Agent. This scan checks that the computer has the latest operating system security updates, and that it is running an up-to-date version of one of the supported anti-virus applications. Ensuring that all devices connected to the system meet these requirements provides a high level of security, both for the service itself and for each user’s data.

From July 9th, all students with Windows PCs or Apple Macs who have been registered for the TCDconnect service since before 1st April 2013 will be required to run this IT security scan once more, to ensure that their device still meets the security requirements. If a device does not pass the scan then information is provided on how to download and install the required updates. Once the scan is passed, the computer will be re-connected to the TCDconnect service and will have internet access once more.

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HPRC walk-in workshop for students and research staff

High Performance Research Computing (HPRC) is hosting a walk-in workshop this Friday, 5th July from 11am to 12pm, in Room 2.12 Lloyd Building.

Staff will be on-hand to discuss any research or IT-related topics with students and research staff who may need to avail of HPRC services. This workshop is designed to provide help and takes places in an informal setting; we have tea and light refreshments (read: tea/coffee/biscuits).

For more details see the HPRC website.

SPSS licence codes 2013-14

The SPSS  licence codes for College for the period July 2013 to July 2014 are now available. For more information please see our SPSS licence codes page. Note that as this page is ‘local’ access you may be prompted for your College username and network login password if accessing it from outside College.

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