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New Password Recovery Service for students –

As part of continual service improvement works, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the new Password Recovery Service for students, as advertised by email earlier in the year.  If you ever forget your password, this service will enable you to change it easily and remotely by visiting With this service, you will be able to change your network login and MyZone password from anywhere, through a web browser, have details sent to your mobile phone and confirmation emails sent to an email address of your choice.

This new service is optional, and if you have not signed up already we strongly encourage you to do so.  Signing up for this service now will save you any undue delay in the event of you forgetting your password, as it would save you a trip to the IS Services Helpdesk. If you’re interested in using the service, the only thing you’ll need to do right now is sign-up with your mobile phone number and, optionally, an alternative email address. The options to sign-up for the service, and to use it if you forget your password, can be found at

If, at a later point, you wish to sign up with a different mobile phone number, simply sign-up once more at and your details will be updated.

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Audio Visual equipment upgrade work now underway

Our annual continuous improvement works to upgrade the Audio Visual equiment in Senior Lecture Pool Teaching Rooms is now underway and will be completed over the coming months.

Work will take place in the following rooms –

Lecture Theatres:

  • Burke Lecture Theatre, LTEE 2, LTEE 3, Museum M20, Museum M21, Arts    2043 Davis Theatre & Goldsmith Hall

Seminar Rooms:

  • School of Nursing, D’Olier St., RM 0.30, RM 0.54, RM 0.55, RM 1.29 & RM 2.51
  • Aras an Phiarsaigh RM 0.09, RM 2.04, RM 3.19, RM 4.03
  • Arts RM 3.126, RM 3.137, RM 4.018, RM 4.046, RM 4.047, RM 4.053, RM 5.033 & RM 5.052

In summary the improvements will include the following:

  • Burke Lecture Theatre – New teaching desk location, additional microphones on stage and improved integration with new lighting.
  • LTEE2/3 Lecture Theatres – Replacing Screen, Data Projector and PC.
  • Arts Davis 2043 Theatre & Goldsmith Hall – Replacing the Screen
  • Museum M20/21 – Rewiring and replacing the lecterns
  • D’Olier St, Arts and AAP Seminar Room– Replacing PC, Screens and Data Projectors

Scheduled work will take place between August and Christmas 2013 and to avoid disruption to teaching, we will try to use weekends and teaching breaks at Study Week and Christmas to complete all the installations.

As work progresses, we will post updates to the IS Services website to keep you posted on the progress.

July Helpdesk statistics and top-ten issues

In July, the IS Services Helpdesk received 2,803 queries via phone, email, walk in and web. You can see more details at

Your Top Ten issues reported to the Helpdesk in Julycan be seen via the link below:

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