Improving the College experience for staff and students

One challenge we face within IS Services is accommodating the varying technological needs of staff and students across diverse academic departments and areas of College. We tackle this challenge by listening to students via our annual satifaction survey and working with representatives from the student body and the IS Services Users group. These methods of gathering feedback give staff and students a greater voice. Below is a summary of what work was done over Summer, based on feedback received.

The focus of feedback from both staff and students was a need to improve th ease of connectivity to the College Wi-Fi services and to that end a range of activities were undertaken.

Students requested a streamlined process for connecting to and registering for the College network. In response, we simplified the onnection steps, expanded the help pages, and introduced support for additional anti-virus software.

After bringing iOS mobile devices onto the College network in December 2012, the most soughtafter development came by way of introducing Android devices to the College network.

Increased devices means increased usage. With that in mind, the College network received major upgrades over the Summer. Students and staff will now see faster wireless speeds and higher data rates. As well, we added high-density Wi-Fi coverage in high traffic areas such as the Biomedical Sciences Building. This comes as a result of an upgrade to the latest architectural design.

A major College initiative is now underway that will further enhance Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity in the next two years; an effort which will push the TCD Wi-Fi network to the top of the nation’s list of data networks. The vast majority of devices connect to the College network will see faster speeds and higher data rates, as well as a broader range of devices will be permissible on the network.

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