Phishing awareness update – Thank you!

At the start of this academic year, we saw a significant increase in the number of ‘spear’ phishing attacks on College.  Both TCD staff and students are very good at spotting a phishing message.  However, a good phishing attack can catch people out.  Therefore, IS Services set out at the beginning of this academic year to raise awareness about phishing.

As part of that initiative, we posted advice and tips from our IT Security officer to our website, included an article in our October enewsletter, as well as emailed all of College about these ‘spear’ phishing attacks in October and again in December, right before Christmas.

With each attack that came into College, we immediately blocked the spamming address and notified all of College.  We kept the alerts section of our website up-to-date and current with news about incoming phishing attacks, and connected with our followers on Twitter regarding each fraudulent message that came into College.

These efforts have had a significant effect.  Over the Christmas holidays, only one TCD email account succumbed to a phishing attack. With over 20,000 existing TCD email accounts, that’s a remarkable success. We would like to take a few minutes to thank you for your attention and continued vigilance!

Phishing attacks will always come in, but we don’t always have to fall prey.  Remember that IS Services will never ask you for your username and password information through an email and that you should be extra vigilant about not opening unexpected emails.  Keep an eye on your email about upcoming dates for our second annual IT security week.

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