Green IT at TCD

Trinity Green Week 2014 was in February.  Let us tell you a little bit about how IS Services is committed to helping College meet its aims under the Sustainable Development Policy.

Over 20,000 students and staff depend on College IT services every day.  With PCs, laptops, and smart phones connected to servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it’s safe to say that as our need for technology grows, so does our carbon footprint.  The question then arises: how do we become more energy efficient while also continuing to grow and change with technology to meet daily business needs?  Enter the Green Data Centre.

In March 2013, the College’s Green Data Centre was opened. Since then, existing servers and IT services have been in the process of being transferred to this energy-efficient host.  Over the next five years, IS Services and Future-Tech (partner suppliers) will work together on maintaining the data centre so that it continues to deliver reliable uninterrupted IT services to Trinity and to operate as one of the most energy efficient data centres in the world.   The delivery of the Green Data Centre will allow IS Services to provision Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and cloud computing for College.  IaaS provides College with an energy-efficient foundational platform to support the delivery of local centralised sustainable IT services.

The project was short-listed as a finalist for the Leadership in the Public Sector category at the Annual DatacentreDynamics EMEA Awards event.  Although the facility lost out on the winning spot, it is a major achievement to make it to the top four of such a hotly-contested category.

Watch a short video about our Green Data Centre.

Green IT is about energy efficiency and eliminating electronic waste 

Here are a few things we’re doing to be more energy efficient:

– We carry out responsible recycling of all old computing equipment and office materials
– We have moved to the use of communal multi-functional print devices
– Server virtualisation means we have reduced the amount of physical hardware used
– Power settings in College computer rooms have been optimised
– Datapac multi-function printers have been set to print on both sides by default and have a ‘scan to email’ option

The little things make a world of difference.  Here’s what you can do to be more ‘green’:

– Turn off electronics whenever they are not in use, or put your computer in sleep mode
– Print less and recycle when you do
– Manage your email and make use of online collaboration tools
– Charge your mobile phone, electronics or tablet for only as long as necessary
– Dispose computers, monitors and other electronics responsibly

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