In case you missed it, here’s a recap of IT Security Week 2014

While IT security might be the last thing on your mind when online or using your phone or tablet, it is a topic that will always affect you, whether directly or indirectly.  With this in mind,  IS Services and the College IT Security Officer have   developed a week specifically devoted to IT security.

Our aim with IT Security Week is to offer tips and guidance to keep staff and students proactive, rather than reactive, where IT security is concerned.

During February 2014, we hosted our  second annual IT Security Week. Topics covered included advice on choosing secure passwords, guidance on how to identify scams and phising emails in your inbox, as well as information on staying secure on the internet and when using mobile devices.

In case you missed IT Security Week, here is a summary (along with links to the full articles posted each day) of what was covered:

MONDAYIs your password on the list of worst Internet Passwords?  A recent report has revealed the Internet’s most commonly used and therefore ‘worst’ passwords.  This article covers some tips on creating a strong, safe and reliable password.

TUESDAYSpam, Scams and Phishing emails  At the start of this academic year, we saw a significant increase in the number of ‘spear’ phishing attacks on College.  Both staff and students are generally very good at spotting a phishing message.  However, a good phishing attack can catch out the best of us.  This article advises on how to be alert to the possibility of scams and fraud online and in your inbox.

WEDNESDAYStay secure and protect your privacy online The Internet can be a dangerous place with viruses, malware and spyware lurking at every click! This article is a checklist of ways to keep your computing devices and your important personal information properly protected.

THURSDAYCloud computing & security  This article explains what you need to know about ‘the cloud’ and how to keep your personal information safe within ‘the cloud’.  You can read about cloud computing at TCD in our December 2013 enews, but the chances that you are already using some form of cloud computing yourself  are very high.

FRIDAY Phones & Tablets: Mobile Device Security 101  Smartphones and tablets are essentially mobile computers; they allow you to access the internet and email, download applications and games, store photos, videos and your personal information.  This article provides valuable information on protecting and securing your phone or tablet just as you would protect your laptop or computer.

We also set up a stand in the Arts Building to provide staff and students with the opportunity to speak directly to the College IT Security Officer.  Questions ranged from ‘what am I being made secure from?’ to ‘how secure is the College system?’

We hope that IT Security Week has raised awareness and provided some guidance to keeping you safe online.  The Helpdesk, IS Services website and Twitter, as well as the TCD IT Security website are invaluable resources that can be used throughout the year to assist with any questions you might have.

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