New NAS Data Storage service offering

IS Services are pleased to announce the availability of the new NAS Data Storage service offering.  The NAS (Network Attached Storage) service allows staff and students in College to store non-sensitive data on a central network server, to provide a secure central access point to a large set of data with round-the-clock availability.

NAS data storage folders can  be connected to by approved staff and students from any computer connected to the College network and from computers connected via the staff VPN service, which allows staff to connect to the College network when off site.

NAS storage space can be requested by registered College staff.  When requesting NAS storage space you will need to determine how much storage space  is required, and for how long. You can also choose for the storage space to be backed up regularly by IS Services. The costs differ depending on your selections.

Full information on the NAS Data Storage Service is available on our website.

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