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SPSS licence codes, July 2014 to July 2015

The SPSS  licence codes for College for the period July 2014 to July 2015 are now available. For more information please see our SPSS licence codes page. Note that as this page is ‘local’ access you may be prompted for your College username and network login password if accessing it from outside College.

IS Services

TCDconnect – End of support for Windows XP, Mac OS 10.5 & WPA1, 1st July

We’d like to remind students using the TCDconnect service of some upcoming changes in the requirements for using the service.  To retain a high level of security for everyone using the service it is necessary to remove support for operating systems and technologies that could be a security risk.

Software security updates are no longer provided for Windows XP or for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and so, from 1st July 2014, it will not be possible to connect to the TCDconnect service from computers running these operating systems.   Since the start of the year we have been in regular contact with students who had registered such devices this year to inform them of this change.

Another change affecting a small number of people using the TCDconnect service is that support for a Wi-Fi security protocol called WPA1 will also be removed on 1st July.  The vast majority of Wi-Fi devices support the WPA2 protocol and our instructions for connecting to the TCDconnect service have advised the use of WPA2 since the start of this academic year.

If you have any questions relating to these developments please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

[MATLAB Webinars] Upcoming Academic Sessions

Learn more about MATLAB and Simulink online with a live webinar. Each live webinar is free and features application demonstrations followed by a Q&A session with a MathWorks Engineer.

For more information, please see Mathworks website

You can also read the Matlab June enews

Friday, 27th June is the deadline for requesting computer software

It’s that time of year again to request the software that you will need installed in College computer rooms, Lecture Theatres and Seminars Rooms for the coming Academic year. 


Requests for software can be made by using the Request Form.  Before submitting your request, IS Services asks that you read our guidance notes for requesting software.   Once submitted, your request will be acknowledged by an email to your College account. 


A few items for your consideration:

·         It is not necessary to request standard software (i.e. Microsoft Office)

·         All previously requested software should be reviewed as it may not still be installed on computers


The deadline for submitting your software request is Friday, 27th June, 2014.  If your request is not received by this deadline, we cannot guarantee the requested software will be made available.   


Whatsapp, Viber, Google Hangouts

We are pleased to announce that students can now use Whatsapp, Viber and Google Hangouts on the TCDconnect service.

Guest Wi-Fi service upgrade

At the start of May 2014, we introduced an application upgrade to the Guest Wi-Fi service which purges expired accounts from the system which improves performance for creating new accounts.


Removal of Explicit Proxy

As part of a programme of continual service improvement activities, we have made a change that should make using internet applications on the College network more like your home broadband experience.

A few years ago, we introduced transparent proxy to the College network.  A transparent proxy means that you will no longer need different instructions to access each application you would like to use.  This means zero configuration.

Now you can use applications like Skype on the College network without the hassle of having to reconfigure your proxy settings.  From the 1st July, we will be removing the last of the explicit proxy settings on the College network and moving completely to transparent proxy.

We have identified some people who may still be using the old proxy settings and have emailed them with instructions on how to remove these old settings.  However, should you experience any issues with internet access on, or after, 1st July please contact the IS Services Helpdesk.

News regarding SITS training

IS Services now has responsibility for the Student Information System (SITS) technical support and user training.

We are currently in process of organising SITS training courses and bringing ourselves up-to-speed.  We will be in touch later in the summer to release a schedule for training courses.


In addition to classroom training courses, IS Services is looking to further develop online learning resources, including additional videos and FAQs for SITS that will be available on the IS Services website which you can access any time you need assistance.


Online information

At present, documentation, user notes and training guides are still available at  We will be refreshing the content and will be moving those materials to the IS Services website after Summer 2014.

Information regarding Gameover Zeus/CryptoLocker malware

We would like to make you aware of an increased threat from malware. You might have read in the press about GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker which is malware affecting computers across the world. The best action to take is to avoid malware in the first instance, so as always take care when browsing the Internet and following links, especially links sent in an unsolicited email message.

What does this malware do?

GameOver Zeus is designed to track each keystroke you make in order to steal passwords and other credentials when you visit online banking sites. CryptoLocker will encrypt your computer and hand over control of your machine to hackers who, in turn, hold your personal files, photos and data to ransom for money.

For more information on GameOver Zeus and CryptoLocker, please read

We are advising that everyone be aware that this threat is out there and that you should consider taking pre-cautions:

  • Ensure your data is backed-up – just in case
  • Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date

Windows computers which are connected to the College network should be receiving automated Anti-Virus updates but it is always wise to check that the updates are running successfully. To check that the virus definitions are up to date on your computer follow the quick step-by-step guide at

IS Services recently released a new service for Mac computers which are connected to the College Network and these computers can also now be setup to receive automated Anti-Virus updates, for more information see:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Helpdesk ( | +353 01 896 2000).

Latest SPSS news, June 2014

For those of you who use SPSS, you may be interested in news from Presidion. Please see the latest from them here: