TCDconnect service upgrade

IS Services are happy to announce that the planned upgrade of the TCDconnect service has been completed successfully.  The upgraded service is now fully operational and we thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding during the brief interruptions to the service that were required to carry out the upgrade work this week.

The growth in students bringing their own devices into College has risen dramatically over the last number of years.  In the current Academic Year we recorded the highest usage ever with approximately 12,000 students connecting over 18,500 desktops, laptops and mobile devices to the TCDconnect service.

With this upgrade College now have a service that can continue to meet the growing demand into the future and allow the rollout of new features that were not available in the older version of the software, such as:

  • Support for a wider variety of mobile devices, such as Windows RT, adding to the existing support for iOS and Android
  • A new ‘remote registration’ feature that we hope to offer in the coming months.  This will provide students with the ability to register their device with the TCDconnect service before arriving on campus.

IS Services

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