HPRC walk-in workshop, 5th September, 11am-12pm

The IS Services High Performance & Research Computing group (HPRC – http://www.tchpc.tcd.ie/) provides advanced computing (Linux and HPC), data management, visualisation and software development facilities and expertise for Irish researchers from all disciplines.

The HPRC group will be holding a Walk-In Workshop session on Friday 5th September between 11am and 12pm in the HPRC computer lab on the second floor of the Lloyd Building (room 2.12)

Light refreshments of tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided.


Focus of workshop

This month’s workshop is focused on:

* All disciplines:

* Do you run large calculations on your desktop?

– We can help by getting them to run on our High Performance Compute clusters

* Do you need help writing parallel code?

– You can get free access to support scientists who can help you. This scientist can be allocated to work with you or your research group on projects for up to three months in duration.

* Do you need help visualising results?

– We can provide advice on software (including bespoke visualisation software developed at HPRC) and facilities (3-D Visualisation Facility).



Researchers from all disciplines are welcome to come along.

Please let your colleagues know about the Workshop, as they may have some issue which turns out to be relevant for you.



Additional information

This will be an open session for people to come in and ask questions and get help in an informal setting.

Please note that this is _not_ a formal training session – you can drop in at any time during the workshop with a question for 5 minutes and then leave (hopefully happy!).

HPRC staff members will be on hand to discuss any problems with you. Light refreshments of tea/coffee/biscuits will be provided.


See http://www.tchpc.tcd.ie/support/workshops/ for more details.

Venue: The HPRC computer lab on the second floor of the Lloyd Building (room 2.12)


Time: 11am – 12pm on Friday 5th September

Contact information: http://www.tchpc.tcd.ie/overview/contact/

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