Discontinuation of FTP proxy settings

IS Services are continuously working to enhance and improve the computing experience for staff and students using the College IT services. As part of this service improvement work, we have made significant changes to the network over the past three months to provide a more broadband-like internet experience.

One of the improvements made is to remove the requirement for ‘FTP proxy’ settings when connecting to an external FTP server. These proxy settings are no longer needed as all desktop computers and wireless devices now have direct access to FTP (and SFTP), without having to use the FTP proxy service.

If you still use FileZilla or another application to publish files to an external web server or FTP host, please take a moment to remove any FTP proxy settings you may have. You can refer to our instructions on how to remove the FTP proxy settings from FileZilla for an example of what needs to be removed.

The FTP proxy service will be decommissioned at the end of September 2014, so it’s important you remove these settings before then.

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