IT Security Week: Data Protection Day 2015 – Did you know that over half of Irish Organisations experienced a data breach last year?

Today January 28th is Data Protection Day. This is an international event aimed at raising awareness and educating individuals on their rights and their responsibilities with regard to collecting, storing and processing personal information.

The event also focuses on encouraging businesses and other organisations to understand their responsibilities by being open and honest about how they collect use and share personal information.

Know your rights

As an individual or a consumer you should know that that when you give your personal details to another organisation or individual, they have a legal duty to keep these details private and safe. This process is known as data protection.

Know your responsibilities

A recent survey of Irish Organisations found that more than half had experienced a data breach in the last year and the biggest cause was not hackers or other external threats but the behaviour of the companies own employees!

If you collect or store personal data belonging to others then you have defined legal responsibilities to protect and manage this data correctly.

As a staff member or a student in College you may be collecting and storing personal information as part of your job role, studies or research. You have a responsibility to ensure that the data is stored and processed appropriately and securely.

Remember IS Services are always available to advise you on how to manage data securely. We can advise on encryption techniques, evaluate IT partners’ products and services or review your current arrangements and advise on any improvements that may be necessary.

The College Information Compliance Office is also available to assist with any queries around Data Protection Legislation and compliance.

So make sure you know how the Data Protection Act applies to you. You can find information on the Data Protection Commissioner’s website at

Join us this evening to find out WHAT DOES THE INTERNET SAY ABOUT YOU?

To mark Data Protection day there will be an exciting panel discussion at 6pm in the JM Synge Theatre. It will be hosted by Newstalk’s Technology Reviewer Jessica Kelly.  See the Science Gallery Events Page for more information

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