IT Security Week: College Data Protection Day 2015

This year to mark Data Protection Day 28th January Information Systems Services collaborated with Information Compliance and the Science Gallery to run a number of interesting and successful events, which you can read about below:


The Mystery QR Code

Did you notice a giant QR code being projected onto the Nassau Street entrance of Trinity College Dublin on the evening of Tuesday 27th January?












Over 100 people scanned the code and were asked a sequence of questions requesting personal data ranging from name, gender, email address to more sensitive data such as their data of birth, occupation and credit card details.

Without any idea of what their information would be used for or where it was going 90% of participants volunteered their name and gender while a shocking 27% of participants answered the request for details of medical conditions and their credit card number.

While this exercise was for demonstrative purposes only with a view to raising awareness regarding placing personal data online, it could easily have had a more sinister agenda. The moral of the story – Think before you click!

Data Protection day: Are you oversharing? One-on-one social media workshops

A number of willing participants volunteered to have their online presence ‘data mined’ by IS Services and the Science Gallery as a demonstration of just how much personal data it is possible to collect online about a stranger.

The results were then presented to each participant over coffee in the Science Gallery yesterday. Many were surprised at the sheer volume of data which was available about them on the Internet and 70% of participants said that they would put less data online in future as a result of attending this workshop.

Remember disclosing too much personal information about yourself on the internet can expose you to:

  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud
  • Personal Loss/danger (when disclosing location info)
  • Reputational damage (future employers etc.)

Personal social media management is now more important than ever why not review our tips from Tuesday on how to protect your personal data online and ensure that you are not oversharing!

Panel discussion: What does the Internet say about you?

We rounded off the day with a fascinating panel discussion around the theme of data privacy and the Internet. Speakers including Eoin O’Dell, Professor, The Law School and Twitters Director of Public Policy Sinead McSweeney discussed recent developments in online privacy and what issues we should all be aware of.











If you missed the event keep an eye on our website as we will be making a podcast of the event available soon!


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