IT Security week 2015

During IT Security week (26- 30 January 2015), we posted a news item to our website each day that offered tips and guidance on the latest IT Security developments.

The week kicked off with an article on secure passwords.  For the second year in a row, ‘123456’ has topped the list of Worst Internet Passwords.  Why should this matter to you; your password is secure, right?  Your passwords protect your personal information and data.  Have a look at our article on the worst internet passwords and see if your passwords rank and what you can to do to create safe passwords.

Data Protection Day 2015
To mark international Data Protection Day on 28th January, there was an exciting panel discussion in the Synge Theatre – What does the internet say about you?

Held in conjunction with Information Compliance and the Science Gallery, this event was aimed at raising awareness and educating individuals on their rights and their responsibilities with regard to collecting, storing and processing personal information.  The event also focused on encouraging businesses and other organisations to understand their responsibilities by being open and honest about how they collect, use and share personal information.

Think before you click! 
An exercise in data protection
You may have noticed a giant QR code being projected onto the Nassau Street entrance to College? Over 100 people scanned the code and were asked a sequence of questions requesting personal data ranging from name, gender, email address to more sensitive data such as date of birth, occupation and credit card details.

Without any idea of what their information would be used for or where it was going to end up, 90% of participants volunteered their name and gender while a shocking 27% of participants answered the request for details of medical conditions and their credit card number.

While this exercise was for demonostrative purposes only, it could easily have had a more sinister agenda.  The moral of the story – think before you click!

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