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A new ‘Print Anywhere’ service from Datapac

We are pleased to announce a new ‘Print Anywhere’ service from Datapac which will be of interest to students and anyone with a guest print account on the Datapac system.

This service allows all students and anyone with a guest print account to print to any Datapac printer from their own device, whether it be desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. This makes it possible to setup a print job from anywhere, whether in College or not, and then print it out from any Datapac printer in the Library and College computer rooms.

Print drivers are available to download and install for those using their own Windows PCs or Apple Mac computers. Alternatively, from any device, it is possible to login to the Print Anywhere website and upload a file for printing or to email an attachment for printing. All of these options are available to students and those with guest print accounts after logging in to the main TCD Print Anywhere service page and are outlined in more detail on the Datapac website.

If you have further questions regarding this service or require technical assistance please contact the onsite Datapac support.

Wolfram Insider for Education: Issue 3, 2015

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IT Security at TCD in the news

During IT Security week (26-30 January 2015), we posted a news items to our wesite each day that offered tips and guidance on the latest IT Security developments.

To mark inerenational Data Protection Day on 28th January , there was an exciting panel discussion in the Synge Theatre – What does the internet say about you?  Held in conjunction with Information Compliance and the Science Gallery, this event was aimed at raising awareness and educating individuals on their rights and responsibilities with regard to collecting, storing and processing personal data.

In addition to the panel discussion, a giant QR code was projected onto the Nassau Street entrance to College.  Over 100 people scanned the code and were asked a sequence of questions requesting personal data ranging from name, gender, email address to more sensitive data such as date of birth, occupation and credit card details.

Without any idea of what their information would be used for or where it was going to end up, 90% of participants volunteered their name and gender while a shocking 27% of participants answered the request for details of medical conditions and their credit card number.  While this exercise was for deomonstrative purposes only, it could easily have had a more sinister agenda.  The moral of the story is to think before you click!

Read more about the QR code in the press here:

Top-ten Helpdesk issues & stats – February 2015

In February 2015, the IS Services Helpdesk received 3,220 queries via phone, email, walk in and web. You can see more details at

The top-ten issues reported by students and staff to the Helpdesk in February can be seen at

IS Services

ESET NOD32 anti-virus software is now recognised on the TCDconnect service

ESET NOD32 is now recognised by the TCDconnect service during the registration and scanning process. This broadens the range of supported anti-virus applications for those connecting to the TCDconnect service, while retaining the high security aspect of the service.  See our web pages for a full list of recognised anti-virus software.

If you are using ESET NOD32 and experience any issues registering for the TCDconnect service, please book into a network clinic.

IS Services

Presidion Newsletter, March 2015

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Keeping IT Secure – Data Recovery advice

If you’re ever unfortunate enough to have a hard drive fail and then need to recover the data from it, then it would be worth being aware of our advice on Data Recovery.  Our web page outlines some aspects of data recovery to be aware of before engaging any company to carry out this work.  Also on our page we list the contact details for a recommended supplier who meet a number of key requirements.

Upcoming MATLAB and Simulink Webinars, March 2015

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Wolfram Insider for Education, Issue 2, 2015

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