A new ‘Print Anywhere’ service from Datapac

We are pleased to announce a new ‘Print Anywhere’ service from Datapac which will be of interest to students and anyone with a guest print account on the Datapac system.

This service allows all students and anyone with a guest print account to print to any Datapac printer from their own device, whether it be desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet. This makes it possible to setup a print job from anywhere, whether in College or not, and then print it out from any Datapac printer in the Library and College computer rooms.

Print drivers are available to download and install for those using their own Windows PCs or Apple Mac computers. Alternatively, from any device, it is possible to login to the Print Anywhere website and upload a file for printing or to email an attachment for printing. All of these options are available to students and those with guest print accounts after logging in to the main TCD Print Anywhere service page and are outlined in more detail on the Datapac website.

If you have further questions regarding this service or require technical assistance please contact the onsite Datapac support.

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