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Top-ten Helpdesk issues and stats for March & April

In March and April the IS Services Helpdesk handled nearly 6000 queries via phone, email, walk in and web.  The full statistical details are available on our website at

The top-ten issues reported by students and staff to the Helpdesk in March and April can be seen at

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BullGuard AntiVirus now recognised by the TCDconnect service

BullGuard AntiVirus is now recognised by the student TCDconnect service when registering a Windows PC.  This broadens the range of supported anti-virus applications for those connecting their Windows PCs to the TCDconnect service, retaining the high security aspect of the service.  See our web pages for a full list of recognised anti-virus software.

If you are using BullGuard AntiVirus and experience any issues registering your computer for the TCDconnect service, please book into a network clinic.

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