Digital Capabilities Survey results

In April 2015 IS Services launched a Digital Capabilities Survey for University staff. Digital capabilities are defined as those that prepare us for living, learning and working in a digital society and include the ability to use digital tools to:

• undertake research, teaching, learning and administration;
• use specialist tools and data sets;
• communicate ideas effectively;
• produce, share and critically evaluate information;
• collaborate, reflect and promote knowledge.
The complete results are available on our website –

The Digital Capabilities Survey report includes some of the following results:
• Staff who answered the survey thought digital capabilities were very important to supporting the delivery of almost all of the College strategies and ranked digital capabilities as of most importance in supporting the Information Technology strategy, Teaching and Learning and Online strategies.
• Almost 90% of staff use a smartphone and just over 55% use a tablet, with the majority using Apple devices.
• IS Services, Administration and the Library were the three main areas in College you thought could positively affect change in College’s digital capabilities.
• The 3 things identified as those you would like to see developed to improve the Digital Capabilities of the College were improved access and service availability for:
o College Wi-Fi Network
o IT Training
o IT Support
As always, the feedback is much appreciated and we wish to thank all who took time to participate in this year’s survey.

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